Award Winning Producer Pharrell Williams Launches New Liqueur

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Just try putting Pharrell Williams into a box and you will have a hard time keeping him in it. So it should be no surprise that this modern day Renaissance man will be hitting the market very soon with a new liqueur called Qream that is strictly for the ladies. “Inspired by royalty, I created this silky drink to celebrate the beautiful, independent and sophisticated women of today. It is a truly elegant experience for the modern day queen and her court of friends,” says Pharrell who has partnered with Diageo North America for this latest venture. Available in strawberry or peach, the non-dairy, vodka-based drink (12.5 ABV) can be served on the rocks, mixed for cocktails or deliciously baked into cupcakes, pastries and more. According to Qream’s Facebook page, expect a major announcement July 15 and look for the liqueur in stores after August 1.


- Jamillah Yaasmin Johnson

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