Cherries & Cream: Strip Clubs, Pole Dances And Sex….Oh My!!

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There is so much taboo that comes with strip clubs, sex, and pole dances. Often times, it is associated with a part of our partner that we can never touch, but who

Mara and Brandi (background) take instruction at Le Femme Suite.

says that has to be the case? The very things that turn your man on outside the bedroom can make their way into your bedroom and enhance your sexual experience.

A night in the strip club can be just the bump your relationship needs. The next time your man wants to go to a strip club, let him know he doesn’t have to go alone. Throw on something sexy and let him lead you into his fantasy, but be careful not to become a spectator. Let him choose a girl, or if you are feeling particularly bold, you can choose her and let her give you a dance. Instead of the typical lap dance, sit in his lap while she dances on the both of you. Her rhythm can become your rhythm, and it will be your body that your man has, along with the visual enhancement of watching the stripper. The transfer of energy is a powerful thing, and you may find your man ignoring the strippers, or if he’s a bold one, he may invite you to the bathroom (it happens, just go with it).

If a strip club is too much for you, keep in mind you don’t have to be a stripper to work a pole. You can try a pole dancing class and give your man a surprise he never expected. Learning how to work a pole with moves like the “fireman spin,” “the fan spin” and the “figure eight” can give you the tips and confidence to take your man’s fantasy to the next level. Mara (CherryOnTop’s Managing Editor) and I picked up some of these moves and others last week during a pole dancing class at Le Femme Suite in Harlem. The experience – intensified by the complimentary strawberries and champagne – was enlightening to say the least. Once you have the moves down pat, find some sexy lingerie to wear, get a portable stripper pole and let your man make it rain on you. For an extra bump, take the action to a public place or book a private room at the strip club.

Strip clubs and pole dances are all about the visual, and men love a good visual. Indulging his fantasy does not have to be an everyday occurrence, but when done properly, you will be surprised at the level of passion that is created in your bedroom. Take it from someone who knows!

Le Femme Suite
2364 Adam Clayton Blvd.
New York, NY 10030
(917) 507-9475

- Brandi Hunter
Photography by E. Simmonds of MNS Media

Work it Mara!

Work it Cherry!

Brandi and Carmen Victorino, owner of Le Femme Suite.

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