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Judging by my Twitter feed and what my Facebook friends were posting, I have to say this year’s Video Music Awards show was one of the better ones of the last several years. I am not saying it was the best ever or even that it was great, however, I was entertained more than I have been in at least three years. Bruno Mars, Adele, Jay-Z and Kanye, Jessie J and Beyoncé all sounded amazing. While it would be nice if Chris Brown actually sang during an award show, his performance was hot, and while many have mocked it, I loved Lady Gaga. I thought it was great that she could keep the Jo Calderone bit going for so long, and more importantly, she sang amazingly.

That being said there were definitely moments that made me say, “huh?”

The VJs at the pre-show event:

I haven’t watched MTV on TV in 3-years; I usually catch up on Jersey Shore via MTV.com. When I finally watched the VMA pre-show, the VJs on the black carpet really surprised me. Someone on my Twitter timeline cracked that the geek squad was hosting, and at the risk of sounding shallow, I was thinking the same thing. They all just seemed so awkward and not fit for live TV.

Nicki Minaj:

“WTF?!” was all I could say when I saw Nicki Minaj last night. Is she trying to out Gaga Lady Gaga? While the VMAs is always a display of crazy ensembles, Nicki’s took the cake. What really got me was the surgical mask, and the fact that she actually tried TALKING with it on. It’s okay Nicki, they don’t need you in the ER and you won’t contract SAARS, so you can take the mask off.

Deena and the rest of the ladies of the Jersey Shore:

Deena, Deena, Deena, how did you leave the house looking like that? All I could think of was a walking rainbow Italian ice, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Though to be honest, none of the other Jersey Shore girls looked too great either. While Sammi’s hair and makeup looked great, her dress wasn’t flattering at all; a shame because she is a pretty girl, she just made a fashion mistake. I wasn’t impressed with Jenni or Nicole either. While Paul D and Vinny looked suave, The Situation’s absence was puzzling. Perhaps he got in another fight with himself?

No host:

Um, who’s bright idea was it to have a host-less awards show? While more recent hosts have been kind of lame, not having one at all was awkward. As was Kevin Hart’s monologue about not being a host, which was funny in spots but started on an awkward note.

The random people at the show:

Why was Paul Rudd even there? The random older woman who was on stage with the Jersey Shore girls, who was she? Why was she there? And why with them? Katie Holmes – she doesn’t sing and her biggest headlines involve her home life with Tom and Suri, so why was her presence needed? Also, who was the random girl sitting in the audience with the Jersey Shore cast?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. They are both super cute, and while she was a tad awkward as a pre-show host, she did better than her peers. However, her interaction with boyfriend Justin Bieber was awkward. From her trying to pretend to be a neutral interviewer, to him kissing her on the cheek, to his mention of his “big snake,” I just felt uncomfortable. Justin looks like he’s 8-years-old and should be snacking on cookies and milk before crawling into bed with a teddy bear, not a girl.

The abrupt ending:

There were no credits, no concluding speech and no backstage interviews with celebrities on how they felt about winning or their favorite part…the show just ended. And that random new hipster show…err, I get it MTV, you’re trying to swindle us into watching the new show by leading with a new episode of Jersey Shore, the VMAs and then this new pants show. Still, some organized closure would have been nice.

What did you think of the VMAs?

- Kristin Edwards

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