Usher Accused Of Plagiarism

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Songwriter Ernest Lee Straughter is accusing Usher of plagiarism, claiming the R&B superstar’s 2004 mega-hit, “Burn,” is a rip-off of his 1998 song, “Reasons.” Recently, a California federal judge decided there was enough evidence to suggest that Usher and Jermaine Dupri, who co-produced “Burn,” had access to “Reasons.” According to

“The judge also accepted a musicologist’s report demonstrating the similarities between the two songs, which share a ‘highly unusual’ 18-bar intro, strikingly similar arrangements, melodies and vocal phrasing.

It is believed that Usher had access to Straughter’s material through Warren G, who had collaborated with both men. Usher and his attorneys have filed papers in the hopes of convincing U.S. District Court Judge Christina Snyder that Warren G had no connection to the creation of ‘Burn’ and that the singer was not familiar with Straughter’s work. If she is not persuaded, the case is likely to go in front of a jury.”

We’ve never heard “Reasons,” but we LOVE Usher’s “Burn.” We think we’ll make it our ‘Thursday Throwback:’

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