500-Year-Old Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch Of Handbag Comes To Life!

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius whose intellectual prowess was centuries ahead of his time. The Renaissance man is famous for employing his extremely innovative imagination to forever change the world of art and science. Now Da Vinci will leave his mark in fashion with the release of handbags that were sketched and designed by the painter but never produced. All of that will now change with the help Gherardini, an Italian leather goods company renowned for their exquisite luxury creations. According to Styleite.com, the company has created limited edition handbags using Da Vinci’s sketch, which historians estimate was drawn around 1497! The sketch, along with other drawings and ideas for inventions, were filed away in The Codex Atlanticus, a 12-volume book of his notes until now. Gherardini is bringing the drawings to life and calling the purse the Pretiosa, Italian for precious. This without a doubt seems fitting for the handcrafted 500-year-old bag. There will only be 99 of these luxury bags manufactured, and each bag will be adorned with calfskin, hand-sewn embroidery and a hand engraved brass handle bar. Talk about exclusive! We wonder which celebrities will jump on the opportunity to own a bag that they can say was “designed’ by Da Vinci himself.

Check out how the bag was created in the video below:

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