Usher And Tameka Raymond: The Custody Battle Continues

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As we previously told you, Tameka Raymond is seeking full custody of her and Usher’s two children, and has accused the R&B superstar of a litany of parenting failures, including failing to get her permission to travel with their kids and hiring nannies without her approval. Not surprisingly, Usher is crying foul, and according to TMZ:

“…Usher claims it’s all BS — filing his own response in the ongoing custody battle … asking a judge to reject Tameka’s request for full custody, on grounds her allegations are false.

Usher and Tameka currently share joint physical custody of the kids.

As TMZ previously reported, Tameka has also tried numerous times to get the judge to force Usher to submit to a drug test. So far, no luck.

We reached out to both sides for comment — so far, no word back. A trial date has been set for February 27.”

We cringe every time we see people fighting in such an ugly way over their children. The accusations, court dates and drug tests…it’s just a bad situation all around.

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