Shaunie O’Neal On Jennifer Williams/Evelyn Lozada Beef: "I'm Kinda Over It And Don't Care Anymore"

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It may mean better ratings for Basketball Wives, but the ongoing beef between former BFFs Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada hasn’t been easy for the show’s executive producer Shaunie O’Neal to deal with. She told VIBE in a recent interview:

“It’s really difficult because it draws all these lines, and it’s just tension in the room and things that you think are just so simple, just to go eat or hang out or whatever, you gotta think it out. You gotta figure out who’s coming, who’s not.”

Although Shaunie once attempted to play peacemaker between the ladies, she admits she’s at a point where it doesn’t matter either way whether the two resolved their issues. She said:

“I’m kinda over it and don’t care anymore.”

Nevertheless, Shaunie readily admits the impact Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef has had on the rest of the ladies in “the circle,” and denies taking anyone’s side, although she’s spent most of her onscreen time this season of the show with Evelyn. She told VIBE:

“The Evelyn and Jenn situation has affected pretty much the whole cast, especially the core ladies who’ve been there, and we’re friends with both of them. It’s really complicated for people that aren’t a part of their beef. I think Jenn, she tends to think we side with one or the other, when that’s not the case. I’m too old to be siding with two grown women who have their own beef going on.”

Check out Shaunie’s interview in its entirety below:

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