‘Last Resort’ Should Be Your Next Stop (A CherryOnTop Review)

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Last Resort stars Andre Braugher as Chaplin the captain of submarine the USS Colorado with Scott Speedman as his second in command, Kendall. While enjoying a moment of rest after successfully rescuing a team of Navy Seals, The Colorado receives orders to fire their nuclear missiles on Pakistan. Chaplin and Kendall are about to fire but are bothered that the order came through Arctic Command instead of directly from Washington D.C. Supposedly, that would only happen if the U.S. was at war and D.C. Comand had been destroyed. After seeing that the U.S. is not under attack and Washington D.C. is still in one piece; Chaplin radios in for confirmation of the order from D.C. only to be relieved of his command. Kendall now in command also asks for confirmation, after which the Colorado is fired upon and supposedly destroyed. The Colorado survives and makes it way to the island of Sainte Marina, which has a NATO outpost. Chaplin and Kendall take over the facility. When the U.S. sends attack planes to the island, Chaplin fires one of his missiles off the coast of Washington D.C. to show everyone he is not to be messed with. The episode ends with Chaplin sending a video to the media detailing his story and a vow to stay and defend Sainte Marina until he can clear his name and that of his crew.

About half way through watching Last Resort I kept thinking, “This would make a great movie”. The writing from The Shield’s Shawn Ryan and the shows production values make it feel very that way. But what anchors the show are the performances of Speedman and especially Braugher. Braugher’s Chaplin goes from affable submarine Captain to disillusioned angry ex-patriot in the course of an hour and it never feels false. If the show has any short comings, all the excitement happens on the submarine. Once the sub is parked off the coast of Sainte Marina, and we start dealing with the locals it loses some steam. Also the sub-plot in D.C. with a handful of characters who believe Chaplin’s story only reinforce what we already know without giving any new information.

Last Resort is not a perfect show, but the pilot has some intense action and great performances. The real test for the show will be if it can sustain what it started in the pilot as the mystery of why they were attacked and how they can clear their names is revealed. If so than Last Resort will be a show you will not want to add to your list. If not, it would make a great movie.

Last Resort airs on Thursdays at 8 pm on ABC.

- Jason B. Williams

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