Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee After Police Motorbike Chase

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Katt Williams just can’t get it together. Over the last few years, the slick-haired comedian’s career has become overshadowed by his numerous run-ins with the law and odd behavior in public. Last Sunday, Katt took police on an odd chase through the streets of Sacramento as he rode some kind of three-wheeled motorbike. The chase was finally called off when Katt refused to stop and officials deemed it a threat to public safety to continue to go after him.

Now comes word that Katt was caught on tape b*tch slapping a Target employee just moments after his extremely weird police chase. According to TMZ:

“There’s no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about — but by the looks of the employee’s body language before the wallop (placing his hand on his chest) the guy wasn’t looking for a fight.

Then out of nowhere Katt winds up and slaps him in the face — at which point the employee pulls out his phone and, according to an eye witness, he calls police.”

Another video taken by a Target customer shows Katt making his getaway on one of the store’s scooters, which would typically be hilarious to us if Katt’s downward spiral wasn’t so sad. Last month, two of Katt’s live performances were ended early due to his odd, confrontational behavior. Since 2010, Katt has been arrested and/or sued for various infractions, including burglary, criminal trespass, and assault. It’s unbelievable that he has yet to do any real time behind bars for his bad behavior…he’s like the Lindsay Lohan of comedy!

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