The style and grace of a woman is a quality powerful enough to turn heads; yet a woman’s voice rarely achieves a reaction of such equal measure. In the case of Boston native Cherry Martinez, heads turn in her direction on a daily basis once words escape her lips. The female force in New York’s urban radio market has captivated listeners with her distinguishable voice for more than ten years. Hailing from the streets of Boston, Cherry began utilizing her unique vocal talents as a youth by performing in neighborhood singing groups while expressing her vibrant and sociable personality through song. With an understanding well past her years, Cherry knew that an urban talent’s success was slim in the Boston market. Setting sights on a career goal where a voice of her caliber would shine, the Honduran honey looked to the microphone behind the radio airwaves as an outlet for her creative expression. With a voice destined to keep listeners locked in, Cherry enrolled in Boston’s Emerson College to gain the educational background she would need to succeed in radio. Through college radio shows and an internship at Boston’s WILD, Cherry Martinez quickly made a name for herself in the Northern states during the early ‘90’s. A copy of her radio show landed in the hands of multi-platinum producer and rapper Eric Sermon who quickly recruited the Latina lady to perform several skits on the Def Squad compilation album, Insomnia, due to her voice’s distinct quality to stand alone. Cherry’s street sensibility and radio savvy ways placed her as a recognizable female force behind the microphone. Once Emerson College granted her with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Cherry was set for the big league radio markets. Her placement among seasoned veterans at Chicago’s WGCI, Detroit’s WJLB, Philadelphia’s WUSL, Los Angeles’ KPWR, New Yorks’ WQHT. WBLS, and a position at Sirius Satellite Radio proved Cherry’s knack for providing quality material for her listeners. Most recently, Cherry was heard on WWPR Power 105.1 for the past 12 years. From intern to entertainment reporter, Program Director to full-time personality, Currently Cherry has started a company with her son D’Anthony called Code Media