• Public Speaking

    As a mother, daughter, wife, business woman, celebrity, and educator, Cherry Martinez uses her life experiences to motivate & inspire. Both her success and failures have made her the unique individual to embolden audiences to reach their potential.

  • Media Training Bootcamp

    I educate clients on how to understand and work the media to their advantage. I develop sponsorship skills and the confidence to be an effective public speaker whether that be in interviews or in front of an audience.

  • Broadcast Talent Coach

    With 20 plus years in the broadcast industry as on-air personality & brand manager, I will give you the knowledge and tools to either start a career or move your career forward.

  • Artist Development

    I prepare and ready artists for their career in the music industry. From song selection, song critiquing, image/brand buidling, writing & production direction, and grass roots media marketing.