Malcolm-Jamal Warner And Regina King Split?


Reportedly, Malcolm-Jamal Warner has called it quits with actress girlfriend Regina King. A source told US Magazine that the relationship ended abruptly, leaving Regina “heartbroken.” The source also revealed that the former Cosby kid has asked Regina and her son (from a previous relationship) to move out. So sad…we

love these two together.

– Christopher Brundage

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Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon Split

Apparently, Bobby Kristina has come to her senses about her love life, and has ended her relationship with her boo Nick Gordon. After a series of depressing tweets on her end, Nick confirmed via Twitter that he and Bobby Kristina “are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been.”

Jade Letlow

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Unhappily Ever After: How Bad Relationships Can Be Bad For Your Health

It is remarkable how connected our bodies really are to our emotions. The first time my “ex” and I decided to call it quits, I threw up. Hovering over a porcelain toilet seat, I watched as my body purged itself of every bit of our inconsiderateness and frivolous arguing. It is as if our tumultuous relationship had graduated from simply an emotional distress, to an actual physical ailment. The second time we decided to call it quits, I cried so much, my tear ducts grew irritated to the point where I could not go ten minutes without rubbing them for the next two days. Within the heart of our “make-up to break-up” love song, I ended up finding myself loving so hard that it hurt, and I am not speaking metaphorically.

There is a distinct reason why we call the feeling of losing someone we love heartbreak, however, does it always have to be? According to a 2000 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who reported moderate to severe marital strain were 2.9 times more likely to need heart surgery, suffer heart attacks or die of heart disease. I wonder if this “heartbreak” we speak of is actually something we’re doing to ourselves.

My ex, along with plenty other “exes” in the world, was certainly not someone worth throwing up over. Our relationship was overwrought with verbal disputes and public scenes, yet still, I decided to stay in it anyway as I slowly watched my body deteriorate. A British study published in 2004 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that experiencing multiple partnership transitions, such as divorce and separations, adversely affected an individual’s mental health. The researchers studied 2,127 men and 2,303 women, and found that individuals who went through several such breakups tended to have worse mental health than people who remained single all their lives. So tell me, how does that song “Crazy in Love” go again?

There is no vastly agreed upon science when it comes to picking the perfect mate to be in a relationship with, however, there is anatomy. According to a 2005 article in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, domestic strain can influence how well people function over the workday, away from home. They found that those with more marital concerns reported greater stress throughout the day, had higher blood pressure in the middle of the workday and higher morning cortisol levels. These factors can overtime combine to increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, depression,
heart attack, and stroke.

Harboring a bad relationship isn’t just a poor decision, it is also potentially deadly. While discussing the effects of relationships on the human body in my school’s sexuality course, my professor explained how the relationships we share with others could also hold baring on how quickly the physical wounds we acquire heal. In positive relationships, physical wounds heal quickly. Yet, in negative relationships physical wounds heal slower. So the next time you find yourself in a domestic dispute, just stop and ask this one question, “Is this person really worth
bleeding for?”

Timothy Duwhite

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Tyra Banks Splits From Boyfriend

Reportedly, Tyra Banks has called it quits with her her boyfriend of more than three years, über-successful Wall Streeter, John Utendahl, and has gone on a Eat, Pray, Love-like excursion to Bali. According to the NY Post:

“A source tells us the America’s Next Top Model diva and Brooklyn businessman Utendahl have gone their separate ways, and Banks is in the Far East ‘on a spiritual trip,’ adding, ‘Tyra has gone away with a female friend and has been island-hopping, visiting Bali and taking a spiritual retreat.'”

Apparently, Utendahl isn’t dwelling on the breakup – on Thursday, he was spotted hanging out with a Russian model at NYC hot spot Catch.

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‘Basketball Wife’ Gloria Govan And Matt Barnes Call It Quits

Despite their recent “sappy” interview with ESSENCE, ‘Basketball Wife’ Gloria Govan and Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes have called it quits. According to a statement from Barnes’ publicist:

“I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria (Govan’s) relationship. We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.”

Gloria also tweeted about the breakup, saying:

“I’m sure you guys are hearing a ton of buzz about Matt and Me breaking up, sorry to say… its true!!! But the most important thing is focusing on my kids and continuing to have a good relationship with their father, thanks for your support!!!”

Gloria and Matt have 2 children together. Judging by their past troubles as a couple, including Matt’s 2010 arrest for suspicion of domestic violence, we think a split may be the best thing for them and their children.

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Moving On – How To Recover From A Breakup

Ladies, ladies, ladies! This article will help you dry your tears over Mr. Wrong and inspire you to be happy after a breakup. We have all been there – either you were dumped or you dumped another person. However your story goes, you still feel down in the dumps. You cry after hearing ‘your song,’ or you pass by what used to be your favorite restaurant, and cry.

He was supposed to be the one, right? He used to make you smile, melt your fears and be the man of your dreams. Well, to your dismay, you realize he isn’t prince charming and the two of you go your separate ways. As hard as it may seem, you will get over this and move on to something (or someone) better! But in the meantime, how do you stop crying and start living again? Resist the urge to splurge on chocolate cake and ice cream, and instead, look inward. You can be happy in an instant! Here’s how:

Make a decision right now that you are going to be happy today no matter what!

Before you start your day, make a conscious decision that you will be happy and that your past relationship was just one aspect of your life, not your whole life.

Realize you are in control of your emotions, not your experiences!

This is a biggie! Most of us learned to react to the things that happen to us and always assign meaning to our experiences. Instead of following that common path, focus on the truth – you are making a decision to feel bad. You are focusing on loss, not what you gained from the experience. It is ok to cry and feel sad, but release it and let it go. You don’t have to wallow in your pain. Focus on the things that make you happy – find things you truly enjoy doing and get busy doing them. The more you focus on you, the happier you will be! If you don’t know what makes you happy, try doing something new that is out of your comfort zone. You may be surprised at what you like!

Visualize yourself happy.

The mind is very powerful! If we ‘see’ ourselves happy, the easier it is to feel that emotion. See yourself smiling again, and feeling love.

Pamper yourself.

Do you love candles, bubble baths, roses, etc? Great! Make sure you give those gifts to yourself! Don’t wait for a mate to pamper you! Do it for yourself – you are special!!

Date yourself.

This is tough for most of us because we’ve been conditioned to believe we need a man to date. But dating yourself is a wonderful way to show yourself love through tough times. You can go to the movies, go out to eat or go other places with yourself. You may find that you will connect with yourself on a different level.

Focus on the things you love about yourself and make a list – you are a great catch!

Just because your relationship came to an end doesn’t mean you are unlovable. Write a list detailing the things you love about you. If you can’t find anything you love, ask friends or family members what they find great about you and read that list twice a day! Know you are worthy and lovable and that you will attract a better relationship. Realize the end of your relationship does not mean the end for you. It’s ending is really a beginning.

You will find love again. Until then, get busy loving yourself!

Ci Ci Foster

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Alex Rodriguez And Cameron Diaz Call It Quits

Reportedly, Alex Rodriguez has split with his girlfriend of a year, Bad Teacher actress Cameron Diaz. A source told Us Weekly:

“She’s very busy with her career. And he’s had injuries and wants to focus on his game. They’re dedicated professionals.”

Despite the breakup, the duo remain on good terms. According to the source:

“They’re still very friendly and like each other. He has an enormous amount of respect for her.”

Yeah, we’re not at all surprised that Alex wants to remain on good terms with Cameron…have you seen the muscles on that girl??? She could take him out easily in a fight.

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Did Erykah Badu Dump Common Over The Phone?

Talk about love’em and leave’em!! During a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, rapper/actor Common revealed the slightly insensitive way that Erykah Badu broke up with him back when the two were a couple. He said:

“She handed it to me. I was in my hotel room on tour and …she called me and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be in this relationship no more. I’m liking somebody else.’ That was my first love and my first heartbreak.

It taught me a lot of things, and when it happened I kinda really got into myself and really learned about myself and I was able to move on, and now me and E are real cool.”

Damn! Cold…blooded (in our Rick James voice)!!!

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Cherry Juice: Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Call It Quits

Derek Jeter and girlfriend of three years, actress Minka Kelly, have called it quits. Reportedly, the breakup came as a surprise to some of the couple’s close friends, while others in their circle say it’s been on the verge of happening for weeks. A source told Page Six:

“They didn’t want anyone to know they were breaking up until they had talked it all through. Their friends are shocked. But it seems to have happened in an amicable way. They aren’t saying bad things about each other. There was no huge drama. He’s under a lot of pressure with the Yankees, is married to the team, and she is working hard on a big TV show.”

Minka is currently shooting the television remake of the Charlie’s Angels series in Miami, and according to another source:

“They separated a couple of weeks ago. This has been hard. Like any relationship, breaking up is not easy. They were often apart because of work. They never lived together and were never formally engaged. She’s shooting in Miami and lives in LA, but she’s barely ever there.”

We here at CherryOnTop would like to feel sympathetic for these two, but because Derek is one of our celebrity crushes, it’s kind of hard for us to feel anything but euphoric happiness.

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