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You Still Mad?? Mitt Romney Says President Obama Won With ‘Gifts’ To Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters

Mitt Romney is still mad over losing the presidential election, so much so that he told donors during a recent call that President Obama won his reelection because of “gifts” to Blacks, Hispanics, and the youth. According to The Huffington Post, Romney is convinced that the administration’s plan for partial forgiveness on student loans, amnesty for children of illegal immigrants, and health care are what sent minorities to the polls. On the other hand, Romney believes his campaign was about “big issues for the whole country.” The former Massachusetts governor also told donors that his loss was a result of “getting beat up by the Obama campaign.” Just give it up, Mitt.

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Recap: Election Night 2012 Speeches

Missed President Obama’s victory speech or Mitt Romney’s concession speech? Check them both out below and get caught up on the conclusion of one of the most buzzed about presidential races in history.

President Obama’s Victory Speech:

Romney’s Concession Speech:

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Beyonce Joins Instagram

Beyoncé finally joined the Instagram world yesterday, just in time to show her support for President Obama’s reelection. One of her pictures features the singer rocking glasses, a mean mug, and a “Texans for Obama” T-shirt. Another features a special message for Mitt Romney supporters, “Take that Mitches”, which she posted after it was announced that the President had won his bid for re-election. Pretty Clever! Check out a few of her other posts below.

Are you excited to see what Bey will post next? Be sure to follow her for yourself @BaddieBey.

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GOD Is Bigger Than Politics

The closer we get to the conclusion of the 2012 presidential race, the more weary I become of all the political commentary, television and radio advertisement, and hearing about the tours of each presidential candidate. As weary as I am of all of those things, nothing has disappointed me more than GOD being dragged into this political voting process.

Let’s just start with I am a Christian. In my article I address the use of Christianity because it is the primary religion that has been dragged into this political process. When I became a Christian it was as simple a confessing with my tongue that “Jesus was Lord” and that I believe with my heart that GOD raised him from the dead, and with that I would be saved. My sins would be forgiven and I would have eternal life. Thereafter, I would work on my relationship with GOD so that GOD could lead my life to carry out his purpose. What did not happen when I gave my life to GOD, was GOD looking down on me requiring that I declare myself a Democrat or Republican.

While I appreciate and love the fact that I live in country where we govern ourselves, through our voting process, I will never confuse the United States government voting process that we have established in this country as the will of GOD. For all of us who have read the Bible, what you will find over and over again, is GOD chooses who he wants to choose to lead his people, it was never up for a vote.

Really, what would the world be like if GOD did let us choose? Would the people have chosen Moses, the man with the speech impediment, to lead them out of Egypt? Would the people have chosen Abraham, the man who bore a child by his servant (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) to make a covenant with GOD? Would we have chosen Noah, with no architect degree, to build an ark, or David, the sheepherder, to be king? No, “we the people” probably would not have chosen the right person for God’s purpose.

So why have people confused voting for the President of the United States of America with voting for the person who GOD would chose to lead a “Christian Nation”? Why? Because, politicians want Christians to believe that this is a choice that we are making. Politicians mad a political decision to drag in religion to get the vote of Christians. If a political party declares that the principals and core values of their political beliefs are aligned with Christian principals, then what Christian would vote against that particular party’s candidate; which would be equivalent to voting against GOD.

Neither political party is solely aligned with the principals of GOD. As a matter of fact, both parties have policies that are aligned with Christian beliefs and that are not. GOD’s principals are so much bigger than a few principals set out by individuals from any political parties. Our ways, thoughts, and systems are not the ways, thoughts, and systems of GOD. GOD even tells us, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” Isiah 55:8.

As Christians, we do not have to vote as one or along anybody’s party line. We should not divide ourselves as Christians or question the sincerity of another Christian’s dedication based on his or her political alignment. Let us not get caught up in aligning God with any political ideal or political process. Instead, let each person pray (if he chooses to do so) and vote for the candidate that he/she thinks is best. But most importantly, let all Christians remember that GOD is bigger than politics.

Nancy Ladson

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As Clueless As Ever!! Stacey Dash Poses With VP Candidate Ryan Paul

Stacey Dash’s Republican pride has struck again. The former Single Ladies actress recently tweeted a picture of herself cozying up to Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan with a caption reading, “Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20.”

All this support, but has anyone really heard Stacey explain exactly why the Republican ticket has her vote? Food for thought.

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Colin Powell Endorses Obama For Second Term

Colin Powell, Republican and Former Secretary of State, has officially declared that he’ll be voting for President Obama (again) in the upcoming election. “I voted for him in 2008, and I plan to stick with him in 2012,” Powell explained to CBS, and shared that he believes Obama walked into a “horrendous economic situation and has begun to turn it around.”

Powell had nothing but kind words to say in regards to President Obama, but his words turned harsh when asked about Mitt Romney. According to Politico, Powell stated that the former Massachusetts governor “hasn’t outlined how he would pay for increased defense spending or for his proposed across-the-board tax cut,” and doesn’t understand his foreign policy standpoint. He even went so far to explain that “The governor who was speaking on Monday night at the debate was saying things that were quite different from what he said earlier. I’m not quite sure which Governor Romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy. I don’t sense he’s thought through these issues as thoroughly as he should have.” Ouch. Check out the video below to hear what else Colin Powell had to say.

Even though he explained that he considers himself a “Republican of a more moderate mold,” what do you think of a Republican publicly endorsing President Obama? How do you think it affect Romney’s campaign? Give us your thoughts.

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Stacey Dash Has Officially Cast Her Ballot For Mitt Romney

Stacey Dash decided to show the world just how serious her support for Mitt Romney is by tweeting pictures of herself dropping off her ballot early. The former Single Ladies star has been quite open with her support for the Republican candidate, but showing the world that she has officially followed through with her commitment puts the icing on the cake. The actress even tweeted “That’s right!” to a fan on twitter in response to a tweet that read “Romney 2012!”

How do you feel about how open Stacey is with her surprising political preferences? Give us your thoughts!

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Vivica A. Fox Calls Out Stacey Dash For Her Support Of Mitt Romney

Apparently, Kimora Lee Simmons isn’t the only one that has something to say about Stacey Dash’s recent endorsement of presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Veteran actress Vivica Fox has also called out the Clueless actress on her pro-Republican madness, telling

“I don’t know why she [Stacey Dash] had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her,” Fox said. “And she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now. I just didn’t get it. She’s entitled to her own opinion but it was just surprising that first of all she was a Republican, and that she did it the way that she did. Most politicians when you support them, you try to support them with class, you don’t need to do a swimsuit shoot.”

Just in case you didn’t catch Stacey’s “Baywatch red swimsuit” (we’re not going to lie, Aunt Viv had us rolling with that one), check out the picture below. Stacey needs more people…

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Kimora Lee Simmons Reacts To Stacey Dash’s Mitt Romney Endorsement; Says “No One Really Knows Her”

A lot has been said about Clueless actress Stacey Dash’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney. Never one to bite her tongue, Kimora Lee Simmons has thrown her 2 cents into the mix, telling Hip Hollywood:

“I feel like she just done it for press, cause, really, no one really knows her. I don’t think it’s that serious, she’ll be fine.”

Leave it to Kimora to make you feel small and insignificant (and we secretly love her for it!). Check it out in the video below:

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Osama bin Laden Death Turns Political One Year Later

It has been precisely one year since Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda terrorist and mastermind behind the September 11th attacks in New York, was assassinated by a team of Navy SEALs in Pakistan. This historic moment finally concluded the decade-long search for the madman.

President Obama ordered the hit last year knowing full well the implication that went along with it. Had the SEALs been killed or captured, had bin Laden escaped, or had a confrontation with Pakistani troops occurred, the decision would have been branded as an enormous failure.

Instead it was greeted with praise as the operation was extremely successful. The SEALs came out unscathed, gathered some valuable intelligence from the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, and took out target number one on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Understandably, the President has used this successful move as a campaign talking point in the past week to highlight his foreign policy credentials in his first term. Harder to understand is his decision to use success to attack Mitt Romney on foreign policy.

In a recently released campaign ad, a prompt asks what Mitt Romney would do in the same situation that President Obama was in this time last year. Then a quote from Governor Romney comes on screen stating “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person” insinuating that Romney would not have taken the same measures in this circumstance.

The point made is effective, but it is also misleading. The quote is from 2007, years before the assassination. Furthermore, Mitt Romney has publicly praised the President’s decision numerous times.

Obviously the Obama team wants to highlight Romney’s lack of foreign policy qualifications, but there are much better ways to do so than to manipulate quotes out of context. President Obama has had a very strong first term in regards to international affairs, and Mitt Romney has little experience when it comes to that discipline.

So why try to hit Romney on something vague when there are plenty of concrete examples available? It’s unclear and distasteful. Four years ago Obama rallied Americans with positive messages and won in a landslide; he would be well served to remember this and to focus on his successes—not the fabricated shortcomings of his rival.


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The Latino Vote In 2012

President Obama’s campaign team has released several Spanish commercials this week set to air soon on TV in areas with high Latino populations. The commercials, which focus on strong women, education, and the vigor of Latin American communities, raise an issue that was bound to develop sooner or later: how will Hispanics vote in 2012?

There is little doubt that Obama will still carry the majority of Hispanic votes against Mitt Romney, but by how much is still very much in question.

In 2008, about one-third of those identifying as Latino voted for John McCain. If Romney can duplicate this, or even surpass it, President Obama will be in serious trouble.

How likely is that, though?

Republicans had been trending very well with Latinos in the past decade as an increasing portion of the community became small business owners, community leaders and experienced professionals. However, after a controversial Arizona law targeting anyone appearing to be an illegal immigrant was passed by Republicans in 2010 and opposition to the DREAM Act was strongly voiced by the party in 2011, many Hispanics have undergone second thoughts about the Grand Old Party.

Mitt Romney and his campaign team understand the backward steps their party has taken in the past two years and plan on correcting them. Romney, who interestingly enough has cousins living in Mexico where his father was born, has not taken many popular stances with Hispanic communities on immigration and amnesty.

Some possible ways Romney will try and counteract this will be to play up the strong family values many Latinos hold dear, have his son that is fluent in Spanish help campaign in Spanish speaking areas, and of course Romney’s ultimate hope, choose Florida Senator and son of Cuban immigrants Marco Rubio to be his Vice Presidential candidate.

If he can successfully utilize these tactics, there is a strong possibility for Romney to do well with the demographic.

According to an ABC/Washington Post poll close to 30% of Latinos will support Romney and an additional 30% have yet to make up their mind on the likely nominee. That gives Romney enough of an opportunity to make significant gains if he can effectively convince Latinos he will better serve their interests as President than Barack Obama.

It will be a tough argument for Romney to put forth, but it is one that is absolutely necessary for not only Romney, but also for the Republican Party as Latinos continue to grow as a share of the American population.


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Romney’s Vice President?

With Rick Santorum’s Presidential bid ending Tuesday, Mitt Romney is all but ensured of the nomination for the Republican Party. The former Massachusetts Governor is set up for a very difficult campaign against President Barack Obama as Americans try to decide which leader can lower energy costs, calm foreign disputes, and help get the economy back on track.

A big step in helping Americans make this decision is each respective candidate’s choice for Vice President. Naturally Barack Obama will stick with Joe Biden, but the case is very open for discussion for Romney.

As of right now, the four favorites seem to be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Christie is the quick-witted and smooth talking favorite amongst fiscal conservatives. He has fought the powerful labor unions in NJ with success and would bring some passion to the Romney team. He would be a good right hand man to Romney, but their ticket may appear to “East Coast” to energize the Party’s social conservative and Southern voters.

Governor Haley would certainly appeal to the Southern voters, and she would bring some much needed diversity to the GOP being the daughter of an Indian immigrant. However, she is only 40 years old and Republican establishment types might want to avoid another Sarah Palin situation.

Paul Ryan is also young, but has already instituted himself as one of the biggest thinkers of the party and hardly anyone would doubt his competence if he were chosen to be VP. His recently proposed budget was well received by conservatives and will essentially be the blueprint for Romney’s budget. His shortcoming seems to be his style; Ryan acts and talks much like Romney which could present problems with a Republican base that already lacks excitement for Mitt.

Marco Rubio is probably the most coveted of the bunch. Sharp, good looking, well spoken, Latino, and from a key battleground state. The only problem? He has repeatedly stated he is not interested in the spot.

If Romney and his team can convince Rubio otherwise, he will most likely be the pick. After him the other three are a tossup for second place.

Some dark horse candidates could be Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (who has said he would be open to the job), Ohio Senator Rob Portman, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

It will be interesting to see who Romney ultimately picks, or perhaps more accurately, which politician ultimately accepts.


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Romney Hitting His Stride

Mitt Romney came out on top in the Illinois primary Tuesday by a double digit margin, winning over second place finisher Rick Santorum. For the first time in months the embattled Romney seemed energized, and appears to finally be hitting his stride in one of the longest nomination contests ever.

There is still a long road ahead for the Republican nomination, to be sure, but the frontrunner exhibited a swagger Tuesday night in his victory speech that has not been seen to date by voters or the media.

Romney, who normally rushes his speeches too much and is characteristically stiff in front of crowds,  seemed comfortable in front of hundreds last night in a Chicago suburb.

He focused his attacks on President Obama, not his Republican adversaries, proclaiming with enthused articulation that “after years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices” the American people have had “enough” of Obama’s policies.

This shift isn’t the first time Romney has dawned the frontrunner crown, but it is certainly more fitting this go around than ever before with a seemingly insurmountable sum of delegates already accumulated.

Rick Santorum would have to not only win every contest from here on out, but would have to do so by huge majorities as well as in more moderate leaning states (where Romney tends to do better) such as New Jersey and California. This on all on top of struggling campaign finances which are reportedly in the red.

Santorum and his campaign clearly showed this realization last night despite offering no word of dropping out. Santorum is typically a lively and combative speaker, which is part of the reason for his unlikely flourishing within the past two months, yet last night in his defeat he appeared beaten down and less hopeful than normal.

In addition to his campaign team pushing the meaninglessness of the Illinois primary because the state will most likely go to Obama in November, Santorum focused on his chances in Louisiana last night. The forced optimism was apparent, however, in his tone and in the setting; the concession speech came from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—indicating Santorum knew his loss in Illinois was imminent from several days out.

Undeniably then, Mitt Romney is the frontrunner and will be the nominee. He still has to go through the motions to amass delegates and convince his doubters within the GOP, but rest assured there is no way it could be anyone else. Luckily for the image and momentum of his campaign, Romney finally demonstrated that feeling in an effective way.


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Santorum Surging

“We did it again!”

Those were the triumphant words of Presidential candidate Rick Santorum last night as he gave his victory speech after winning yesterday’s two big primary contests, Alabama and Mississippi.

The wins are very important for Santorum’s campaign because until just this week Newt Gingrich was considered the power of the South and until yesterday morning Mitt Romney was leading in most polls. Santorum, who also won Kansas last Saturday, was beaming because his campaign continues to surge against all odds.

There were a few bright spots for front runner Romney, however. For one, he easily won Hawaii (Hawaii only has 20 delegates compared to Alabama’s 50 and Mississippi’s 40). The bigger bright spot for his campaign, though, came from rival Newt Gingrich. With Newt’s second place finishes in both Alabama and Mississippi last night the survival of his campaign is cemented for at least a few more weeks; this is imperative for Romney because Newt’s running splits the “true conservative” vote—whatever that is—between him and Santorum.

Predictably, Santorum’s team once again called for Newt’s acknowledgment of his dwindling chances and to leave the race. Gingrich, ever the firebrand, has yet to accept this request and continues to plan ahead. His campaign manager just set up an office in Louisiana, the next big Southern primary, so the former Speaker of the House will stick around until at least March 24th.

As unlikely as a brokered convention is, the longevity and erratic patterns of this year’s nomination process forces an increasing number of pundits and voters to look towards Tampa as the end all be all of the campaign season.

This may work in Santorum and Gingrich’s favor as they probably can’t reach the 1,144 delegates necessary for the nomination, but also opens the slim possibility of another candidate getting into the race which would almost certainly take attention away from the two men.

And anyway you look at it a prolonged nomination process hurts Romney. Even if he does finally end up getting his long awaited nomination, the time and money he’ll have left to run an assault against President Obama is significantly less than what Obama will have lined up.

It’s quite interesting how fast momentum can switch in a campaign, and Rick Santorum is testament to this. His continued rise speaks volumes about the dissatisfaction with Romney and is forcing all candidates to dig in for the long haul.


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Super Tuesday Gives Romney The Edge, But Long Road Still Ahead

If it wasn’t for the long trend of Republicans rejecting Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor would almost certainly be ecstatic with the results from last night.

Mitt won 6 of the 10 states up for grabs in yesterday’s so called Super Tuesday election. This included a close win over Santorum in the all-important Ohio primary, which every President in recent history has won in their respective primary.

Yet, as has been the case for quite some time now, conservatives are still not wholly supporting Romney for various reasons ranging from policy decisions (like his healthcare plan as Massachusetts governor) to his personality faults )such as the perceived disconnect he has with poor and middle class people).

Rick Santorum has been the main benefactor as of late to this anti-Romneyism. Santorum won Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota while finishing second in Ohio, Massachusetts, Idaho and Alaska. These showings, while not a huge boost for his campaign, do prove Santorum has staying power. After some surges in polls over the past month as well as increased media attention, Santorum seems to be the final anti-Romney that will battle with Mitt all the way to the convention.

Thus, the big question from here on out is what Newt Gingrich will do. The former Speaker of the House won Georgia last night, but has little else going for him with his bankrupt campaign. He has repeatedly stated that he will stay in the race and try and accrue delegates from one state at a time in order to challenge Romney at the convention, but his popularity is waning fast and multiple poor showings suggest that he cannot last until then.

If he drops out soon Santorum would see a huge increase in support because he would gain the lion’s share of Newt’s backers. This would, of course, be disastrous for Romney. Right now Romney has a moderate edge over Santorum, but if Santorum inherited all of Newt’s followers he would instantly become the leader of the field in various battleground states as well as amongst national support.

It will be interesting to see over the next few days if Newt plans on backing out, but as it is not expected it seems the nomination process will continue to slug along down the road for the next few  months just like it has the for the previous few months—with Mitt leading the pack, but unable to pull away.


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