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Ask The Sexpert: How Do I Improve My Sex Life With My Boyfriend So I Don’t Have To Fake Orgasm?


Q: I am unable to orgasm with my boyfriend, so I fake it. I want to improve our sex life so I don’t have to anymore. Help! A: As soon ...

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Help! I’m Addicted To My Vibrator!!


“It all began with a trip to an adult novelty store, an online purchase, or an Adult Toy Party. I bought my Rabbit with the intention of taking the edge ...

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Ladies, Own YOUR Pleasure And Banish Bad Sex!


It takes the average man 3-5 minutes to climax, while the average woman needs 20 minutes of stimulation to reach her climax. Clearly, there is a huge time disparity. Since ...

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Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?


A new survey shows that not all, but most women do fake it in the bedroom at one time or another – some more than others. This is actually quite ...

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Cherries And Cream: Owning Your Orgasm


Few things are more disheartening than sitting around with your girls talking about sex and realizing that most of you rarely orgasm, if ever. Of course the reasons can vary ...

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