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Rich Dollaz And Erica Mena’s Bathroom Hookup!!


Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena aren’t shy about doing the dirty in public places. Reported

ly, the duo had sex in a bathroom of a restaurant following the Love & Hip-Hop premiere party last Thursday night. According the the NY Post:

“’Love & Hip Hop’ stars Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena celebrated the VH1 show’s new season with a restroom romp at Cafeteria. Following the premiere party at Kiss & Fly, the pair hit the Chelsea restaurant, where they caused a backup in the loo line. A spy said, ‘Security were knocking, but no one would come out. Rich and Erica emerged from the stall disheveled.’ Staff asked the couple to leave, and ‘Rich was staggering. He almost fell,’ says the spy. ‘He got into a Mercedes, and friends had to get him from the driver’s seat to the back. Cops were called, but they’d already left.’ Dollaz told us, ‘You can run with the sex in the bathroom. I won’t confirm or deny. I vaguely remember being there. It was a fun night.’”

Why do we get the feeling a Rich Dollaz/Erica Mena sex tape isn’t too far off??

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CherryOnTop On The Scene: Love & Hip-Hop Season 2 Private Dinner And Screening

On Friday night, CherryOnTop was on the scene at the Gold Room at Pranna Restaurant in NYC for the private dinner and screening for season 2 of Love & Hip-Hop. Hosted by Love & Hip-Hop executive producer Mona Scott-Young’s Monami Entertainment and Bartenura Wines, the event was attended by a variety of media outlets and personailities who were treated to a first glance at the kick-ass (literally) first episode of the new season of the hit VH1 docu-series. Following the screening, cast members Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Jim Jones and Rich Dollaz took questions from the audience, although not all questions were answered, including questions about Jim’s (former?) manager Yandy Smith and the huge rock Chrissy was sporting on her ring finger. Absent from the event were cast members Emily Bustamante, newcomers Yandy and Kimbella, and Somaya Reece, who, judging by Rich’s response when asked if he would work with her on her music career, is still not anyone’s favorite person.

Judging by the first episode, it’s no surprise why VH1 and the show’s producers decided to bump the show from 30 minute episodes to an hour per episode. Season 2 will leave you on the edge of your seat and enamored by the glamour and drama of love and hip-hop. Love & Hip Hop Season 2 premieres tonight (November 14) at 9 pm ET/PT on VH1.

Check out pictures of the event below:

Photos: Stephen Knight