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Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie O’Neal Respond To Gloria Govan Taking Credit For ‘BBW: LA’

Gloria Govan got a collective “ho sit down” from everyone watching part 1 of the reunion special of Basketball Wives: LA on Monday night. The 26-year-old, who recently married her baller boo Matt Barnes, was exhibiting obvious delusions of grandeur when she told her cast mates during the special that she was the reason there’s a Los Angeles version of the show.

Most of us watching Monday night’s reunion saw Gloria’s claim for what it was (a shameless attempt at getting people interested in what she has to say – she’s about as interesting as drinking warm milk), but Evelyn Lozada still thought it necessary to clarify things, saying on Twitter:

“I just need to make something clear. It is because of Shaunie O’neal creating BBW (Basketball Wives) Miami, Shed Media & VH1 that there is a “SPIN-OFF” #CarryOn. I usually don’t comment and stay in my lane, but the truth is the truth. Let me continue enjoying my dinner. Thanks to my followers who stay updating me with everything.”

In response, Shaunie tweeted, “Thank u Boo! I’ve been telling myself 2 put the phone down #iwontaddresstrash lol.” Shaunie and Evelyn have never seen eye to eye with Gloria, who was on the original version of Basketball Wives (Miami) with the duo before Matt signed with a Los Angeles team. According to rumors, Gloria wasn’t missed when she relocated to be with her man because Shaunie wanted her gone anyway.

It’ll be interesting to see what grand proclamations Gloria makes (maybe she’ll take credit for the creation of electricity) on part 2 of the Basketball Wives: LA reunion special when it airs on Monday night on VH1.

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The Cast Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Threatens To Walk If They Don’t Get Raises

Although Evelyn Lozada recently announced that she and the ladies of Basketball Wives had begun filming for the new season, that doesn’t mean that everything is all good behind the scenes. Reportedly, Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham are renegotiating their contracts with VH1, and are threatening to walk if they don’t receive an increase in pay. According to TMZ:

“…the ‘Wives’ are in the process of renegotiating their contracts and they all want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network.

Our sources say VH1 is refusing to pony up more cash. We’re told before filming started, execs made it clear that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that … they could be replaced.”

It is true that the show does well for the network. The season 4 premiere tied as the highest rated episode yet of the BBW franchise, making VH1 the #1 cable network among women 18-49 in prime time on Monday night. Apparently, the ladies have given the network until next week to agree to their terms, or they’re walking. Season 5 of set for a Spring 2013 premiere.

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Evelyn Lozada Returning For Season 5 Of ‘Basketball Wives’

Evelyn Lozada is returning for season 5 of Basketball Wives, which started filming earlier this week. According to the Examiner:

“Lozada broke the news Tuesday, confirming that she and Shaunie O’Neal were being filmed together.

‘The time has finally arrived tweeps! I’m heading to film BBW5 Miami !’ said Lozada.

Optimistic but at the same time kind of afraid, Lozada went on to say ‘let us pray.'”

We’re glad Evelyn will be returning for another season…we’re dying to know how BBW oroducers will incorporate her head-butting altercation with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

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Shaunie O’Neal Planning ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ Makeover?

Shaunie O’Neal, the creator and executive producer of the Basketball Wives franchise, maybe planning a total makeover of the Los Angeles version of the show. Basketball Wives: L.A. has already seen changes made to its cast, including the exit of first season cast member Imani Showalter and the addition of urban model Brooke Bailey and rapper Adi “Bambi” Benson, but not all changes are good. Compared to the first season’s 2 million viewers per episode, only a little over 1 million viewers have tuned in each week since the premiere of the show’s new season. The decrease in viewership may be attributed to the boring plot lines, which not even Jackie “Koo Koo” Christie’s antics have made interesting.

One BBW: L.A. viewer went straight to the source with his complaints about the show, tweeting to Shaunie, “Basketball Wives LA is boring!!!! Please cancel this show!!!! I just can’t.” To which she replied, “how bout a complete makeover?” The fans have spoken, and apparently, Shaunie is listening. If anyone is given their walking papers next season, Gloria Govan should be the first! She is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and has about as much flavor as dry toast.

Who do you think should be given the boot from the show?

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Are Three Members Of The ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast About To Be Given The Boot?

In a recent interview, Basketball Wives executive producer and star Shaunie O’Neal revealed that the franchise wouldn’t be able to continue unless three members of the cast were given the boot (we told you about that here). Our guess as to who the three were, Jennifer Williams, Tami Roman, and Evelyn Lozada, was apparently a little off base. Reportedly, Tami and Evelyn will not be joining Jennifer on the reality TV unemployment line, but Royce Reed and newbie Kesha Nichols will. According to TMZ:

“We’re told Royce was cut because she wasn’t legally allowed to talk about Dwight due to a 2009 gag order, blocking her from discussing her ex in any way. The other girls on the show had also decided to ostracize her, so Royce couldn’t shoot scenes with the rest of the cast.

As for the others — producers think Jennifer’s too big a liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show. And Kesha was just too boring.”

Allegedly, the ladies will be given their walking papers any day now as BBW producers consider them “dead weight.” The trio will be replaced by some new faces, although no word yet on who those new faces will be. Both Jennifer and Royce are original members of the show, so their absence will most likely be felt by the show’s fans. As for Kesha…well, she spent so much time running from people during season 4, the only thing BBW viewers got to see was the back of her head anyway.

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Shaunie O’Neal On ‘Basketball Wives’: “I Don’t Want To Go Back…”

All the backlash over the last season of Basketball Wives has been a PR nightmare for the show’s Queen Bee, Shaunie O’Neal. Despite being one of the executive producers of the hit VH1 reality series, and being at the center of a lot of the show’s drama (she’s often compared to a puppeteer), Shaunie says she her return for season 5 isn’t a guarantee if things don’t change. She told The Insider:

“Honesty, I don’t want to go back,” says the ex-wife of basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal about the controversial. I have no problem walking away from the franchise.”

Despite the speech she gave during the recent BBW reunion during which she promised to take the show in a more balanced direction, Shaunie hinted at her doubts about that happening by revealing three members of the current cast would have to be let go for the sake of the continuation of the franchise. She said:

“Three [from Miami]. Immediately. No questions asked. Not anything personal, just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page. … If I would like this franchise to keep going, yeah, three would have to go.”

We can’t with Shaunie. Honestly, she sat around for 3 seasons and allowed the hood booger foolishness on BBW to escalate to this point, and now that petitions are circulating and whatnot, she wants to backpedal and separate herself from the drama. We respect her grind as a businesswoman, but we’re not buying it.

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Tami Roman Admits To Acting Like “A Pure Fool” On ‘Basketball Wives’

Now that season 4 of Basketball Wives has come to an end, a few of the show’s stars are feeling the heat about their actions on the VH1 reality series. The show was full of drama and foolishness this time around (actually, every time around, but this time more than usual), and most of the foolishness had Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman at its center. The latter has dealt with a lot of criticism over the last few weeks, and yesterday during a visit with Wendy Williams, she addressed the brouhaha and revealed that even her daughters were embarrassed of her ratchet behavior. Check out excerpts of her interview with Wendy below:

On how her daughters are coping with the BBW backlash:

“I have my gully moments, but I think that everybody does. I think if you turn the camera around on anybody’s life for one day, everybody’s had a moment that they aren’t too proud of. But I think for me, I am raising my two daughters and this particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson. I really wasn’t acknowledging the platform that VH1 and Shed [Media] had offered me, and I wasn’t really being responsible. And for the first time, I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom. They were embarrassed of me.

They take a lot between the social media outlets and everything. Ad I said, ‘You know what? It’s ridiculous that I’m on TV and I have a huge platform. I should be responsible. I should be accountable, and I haven’t really been honoring that.’”

On the heat she’s gotten on Twitter because of her beef with cast member Kesha Nichols:

“It was a difficult time because the truth of the matter is, I can’t let what someone is saying behind the scenes–what they’re doing, how they’re acting–drive me to that level of frustration. But a lot of that you guys really didn’t see. So, at the end of the day, the only person I have to blame is me because I was the one who got up there and acted a pure fool. I’ve openly admitted that I have since apologized to Kesha. I have tried to take the responsibility behind my actions.”

On what she’ll do different on the next season of the show:

“I can’t speak for the other girls… I can only speak for Tami, and I’m making a personal vow that I will never see that look in my children’s faces again. I thank everyone who actually hit me up on Twitter because they pulled my coat tail on it.”

Do you believe Tami will cut back on the ratchetness next season? As much as we cringe whenever someone on the show is acting like a common hood booger, we don’t think as many people will tune in if someone isn’t getting their weave snatched. Nevertheless, it’s time for the ladies to put a cap on their outlandishly donkey-like behavior. You can check out Tami’s comments in their entirety in the video below:

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Shaunie O’Neal, Shed Media, And VH1 Promises Less Foolishness, More Balance On Basketball Wives

Much has been said about all the foolishness and fighting that took place on this season of Basketball Wives. Things have gotten so serious, that a boycott has been launched taking aim at the show, and in particular, cast member Evelyn Lozada. During the recent taping of the BBW reunion show, Shaunie O’Neal took a moment to address the brouhaha, and promised more balance on the show in the seasons to come. Check out what she said in the video below:

Piggybacking on what Shaunie said, Shed Media (the company behind BBW) released a statement of their own:

“Shed Media US is fully committed to telling the compelling stories of the Basketball Wives in a balanced way. Our producing partner Shaunie O’Neal feels strongly about this, and we fully agree with this stance. We support her as she encourages the cast members to work out issues in a non-violent fashion. We look forward to working with her and the rest of the cast on conveying more balance in the next season.”

VH1 also issued a statement:

“Our viewers opinions always matter a great deal to us at VH1. Lately, there has been a lot of conversation about Basketball Wives, a series featuring strong, intelligent women with very passionate viewpoints, which can sometimes escalate.

We at VH1 agree with and support Shaunie and the show producers’ ‘no excessive physical confrontations’ policy on the series moving forward. We are all committed to balancing the candid, bold excitement that the viewers have come to love in the series with storylines and representations they can be proud of. Shaunie has been a strong advocate for a more balanced approach to the show and we, along with our producing partners at Shed Media, are all in agreement about moving forward with that goal.”

Do you think Shaunie, Shed Media, and VH1 will keep their word and show a different side of the ladies of Basketball Wives next season?? Will the show survive if there isn’t as much fighting (as terrible as it may sound, the physical altercations are why many people tune in)? Thoughts?

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Sneak Peek: Basketball Wives 4, Episode 13

In the upcoming episode of Basketball Wives, Tami and Kesha’s conflict escalates, driving one of them to cut their island vacation short. Watch the sneak peek below:

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Sneak Peek: Basketball Wives 4, Episode 11

In the upcoming episode of Basketball Wives, Evelyn and Chad discuss their upcoming wedding while Royce and her father get into it over Royce’s relationship. Check out a sneak peek in the video below:

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‘Basketball Wives’ Producers Reportedly Pissed Over Face-Slap Lawsuit

Although Jennifer Williams is allegedly trying to shore up interest in her storyline to cinch a spot on the next season of Basketball Wives by filing a lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada’s assistant, Nia Crooks, for slapping her in the face during last week’s episode, the move may have the opposite effect. Reportedly, the producers of the hit VH1 reality series are pissed that Jen is suing over the very ugly racetrack confrontation. According to TMZ:

“Sources close to production tell TMZ … Williams was already on thin ice with the show — even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks — but now that she has filed a lawsuit … that ice is breaking FAST.

We’re told producers think the suit is BS … claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting — securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, ‘Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended.'”

Although I don’t agree with anyone resorting to physical violence to resolve their issues, has Jennifer been totally oblivious to the last few seasons of the show?? Fighting, face slapping, glass throwing, and name calling has become par for the course on the show…as much as we hate grown women acting a damn fool on national television, it wouldn’t be Basketball Wives if Evelyn isn’t jumping across a table at someone or Tami isn’t calling someone a b*tch.

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Are The Ladies Of Basketball Wives Boycotting Reunion Show Over Face-Slap Lawsuit?

Jennifer Williams lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada’s assistant may have alienated the rest of the cast of the hit VH1 reality show. According to TMZ:

“Several Basketball Wives are adamantly refusing to tape the big upcoming reunion show next month, TMZ has learned — and it’s all because of the face-slap lawsuit Jennifer Williams filed against Nia Crooks.

As we reported, Jennifer is suing Nia for assault and battery over a January 21st incident at a race track in Florida — when Nia slapped Williams in the side of the head after a nuclear argument (below). Jennifer says she was injured badly during the attack.

But according to sources at VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer’s lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character — in the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season. Our sources also think Jennifer’s claim of emotional distress is BS because she never missed a day of shooting.

We’re told several prominent castmembers have vowed to shun her completely … refusing to even speak to Jennifer — and are threatening not to attend the reunion show early next month if she attends.

And there’s this — the contract signed by the “Wives” castmates specifically states …. ‘Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant’s participation in the project.'”

This whole situation is just messy. In case you missed it, check out the slap heard around the reality TV world in the video below:

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