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Fashion Fix: Did Solange Knowles Put The ‘Cherry On Top’ Of Her Look?

This year, we saw celebs step out in high-slit dresses, but everyone can’t pull off this sexy sultry look. Solange Knowles did just that when she was spotted Monday night in a sexy cream colored fitted Olcay Gulsen double-slit dress and sporting big hair at the Ermenegildo Zegna “Essenze” Collection Launch event in New York City. Solange accessorized her look with Brian Atwood snakeskin sandals and delicate jewelry. The look made it perfectly clear why the 26-year-old has graced Vogue‘s best-dressed list on multiple occasions.

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Solange Knowles’ Afro Searched By TSA Agents

Solange Knowles was publicly humiliated at the airport the other day when she attempted to go through airport security. Suspicious TSA officials in Miami forced her to remove her afro-wig, and her hairpiece underwent a very thorough examination. Although she was quite embarrassed, Solange humorously made light of the incident on Twitter. Check out some of her tweets below.

How do you hairpiece wearing ladies feel about TSA examining wigs? Are they doing too much, or is it necessary to ensure airline security? Let us know!

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Solange Knowles New Face Of Madewell

One of our favorite Cherry girls, Solange Knowles, has added yet another feather to her cap by becoming the face of Madewell‘s fall 2012 campaign, “Mix Well. Madewell.” According to PEOPLE:

“The message focuses on Madewell’s fun fall offerings — jeans and versatile tops — and how customers can blend it all to make inventive outfits of their own. According to the company, ‘Solange’s great style mix-matched perfectly with Madewell’s aesthetic.’”

Solange’s Madewell ads will begin popping up next month, and will appear on the cover of the brand’s fall 2012 catalog.

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Solange Knowles Signs To Next Models

Solange Knowles may not have given birth this week, but congratulations is still due to the multifaceted Renaissance woman. According to Vogue UK, Beyoncé’s little sister has just signed a modeling contract with Next Models. Solange told the mag:

“Artistic expression is invaluable to me in all walks of my career and I am so excited to continue to develop this path along with such an amazing team at Next Model Management. I feel right at home working with people who have worked beside such creative forces in the world.”

Congrats Solange!!

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The Best Dressed Celebrities Of 2011

This year, we’ve encountered too many trendsetters and style icons to choose a favorite, so we’ve compiled a list of who we think are the best dressed celebrities of 2011:

Rihanna: The Wild Flower – Rihanna has been known to make the most extreme changes in her appearance, from her cropped bob to her long ruby red hair, and she has pulled it off gracefully. She helped set amazing trends like color blocking and showing off her petite waist. She has taught a lot of women to be daring, sexy and have fun with dressing yourself.

Solange Knowles: The New-Aged Hippie – A figure in her sister’s shadow no more, Solange has been glowing with urban streetwear style for the longest. Solange flaunted the extension braids and then went all natural with her curly afro. She rocked tribal prints and flowy maxi skirts and in the process, created a signature look for herself.

Emma Watson: The New Recruit – Miss Watson has grown from the little girl who played Hermoine of Harry Potter to the young woman who is now known for her immaculate style. She shed her child image when she chopped off her locks for a more clean and put together pixie cut that suits her well. Watson is known for wearing the right things to accentuate the right parts.

Jennifer Lopez: The Spicy Innovator – Lopez has been in the game for the longest and made a short stop to tend to her hubby. Before, Lopez was known for her luscious assets and did not mind showing them off, but now she is back and so is her trademark – showing the young one’s how to do it.

Chloë Moretz: The Up & Coming Starlet – You may not know her now, but you should become acquainted with her name soon. Moretz may be a young girl of 14-years-old, but she could teach us all a few things about the little black dress and how to properly wear it. She has a bright and shiny star waiting for her on the Hall of Fashion Icons.

Olivia Palermo: The Modern Classicist – Even if you haven’t watched reality TV show The City, you should still know a little something about Olivia Palermo. She is a classic beauty with a little-below-the-shoulder-length bob who sticks to the classics but brings a lot of much needed edge and glamour to it. Her personal style and trademark is easily noticed by her elegance and grace.

Which celebrities are on your ‘Best Dressed of 2011’ list?

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Solange Knowles Has Ugly Run-In With Miami Police

We’re not even going to begin to speculate about what happened between Solange Knowles and the Miami police over the weekend, but apparently, NYC and Los Angeles aren’t the only cities where policemen get a little out of control sometimes. I’m not sure why any policeman would think it was necessary to pull a gun on Solange of all people, but judging by her tweets, Beyoncé’s little sister isn’t taking the officer’s overly aggressive actions sitting down. Check out her tweets about the situation below:

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