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Really?!? “Tips For Picking Up Brown-Skinned Girls”?!?


So this article came out today in a New York local paper called Metro Us. The journalist has been asked what’s it like to date a black woman. She came ...

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Your Diet Guide

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Many of us women are trying to watch what we eat for the days we hit the beach. With so many bad food choices to make, it can be hard ...

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Easy Tips for Working Out at Home

Pocket Yoga

Working out may seem time consuming, trying to find time to go to the gym, or trying to go for that run. For a busy lifestyle that may seem like ...

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Tips to Quit Smoking

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There is no need to reiterate how bad smoking is, we see the commercials, hear about it in school and it’s always in the media. Yet, some people still smoke ...

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Get The Look: Kelly Rowland's "Kisses Down Low" Video

Kelly Rowland has definitely come out to play in the fun and flirty video for her latest single “Kisses Down Low”, and has the internet buzzing. The former Destiny’s Child ...

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Cherry's Tip Of The Day: Makeover Mondays

To create the illusion of bigger, sexier eyes: First, reach for liner. Skip black — like an LBD, it narrows your shape — and use a colored one to define ...

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Cherry's Tip Of The Day: Therapy Thursdays

10 cute ways to rekindle the flame with your significant other: 1. Leave little love notes in hidden places. Place college essays a note in a briefcase, in a cell ...

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Cherry's Tip Of The Day: Technical Tuesdays


Texting tricks for iPhone users: Speed up your emails and texting with some shortcuts and tricks. Dismiss the suggested spelling of a word by clicking anywhere on the screen — ...

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Cherry’s Tip Of The Day: Technology Tuesdays


If you have children, and you want to ensure they are safe and act responsibly in today’s digital world, follow these basic tips: 1. Be informed. Know what technology your ...

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Ten Mental Notes To Help You Flourish In February


While some of us have high hopes for all the accomplishments we wish to make in the New Year, as time goes by we seem to get less enthusiastic. February ...

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Aging Fabulously: Style And Beauty In Your 20s, 30s And 40s


As we grow older, our lives will go through many changes. Careers, dreams, opinions, friends and yes, even style and beauty choices. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, ...

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