When Makeup Meets Hair: Best Duos For Summer

From the minimalism of an electric lipstick with no mascara, to over-the-top sequin-embellished eyes, we are seeing a broad array of makeup trends for summer 2012. The question for many is, “What makeup trends look best with which hair trends”? Don’t fret. CherryOnTop has you covered with the perfect hair and makeup duo that will have you looking sizzling all summer long.

Braids are definitely a huge part of what’s hot for summer hair. We are seeing actresses like Charlize Theron sporting intricate braided updos on the red carpet. For any everyday version, simply part your hair on the right and create a left side ponytail with all but one section of hair from the right side. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band, and twist it into a loose bun by taking the loose section of hair, braiding it, wrapping it around to the other side, and working it into the bun. The messier the better. For an updo this fabulous, it’s important that your makeup doesn’t steal too much of the glory. This is best paired with a soft, shimmer golden eye, a bronzy cheek and a peachy neutral lip. Or a bright bold electric lip, barely there eyes, and soft neutral tone cheek. Let the hair be the main attraction.

Ponytails are always a staple hair style for every season, but for summer, we are seeing messy high ponytails accompanied by ribbon skinny headbands one inch back from hairline. Once again the messier the better, flyaways are a must, and make sure there is plenty of texture to the ponytail itself. Marry this look with a light metallic shade in the inner corner of your eye, a deep bronze or deep blue on the outer eyelid, and a skin tone matte shade of brown through the crease. And don’t forget a crisp black winged out eyeliner and pumped up lashes, slight mascara on the bottom lashes, and a neutral pink lip and cheek.

The ocean isn’t the only place you’ll find big beautiful waves during the summer. Give your hair the perfect beach inspired curl. Curl hair piece by piece with a curling iron like BaByliss PRO GT Gold Titanium Spring Curling Iron in
one-inch and two-inch (randomly interchanging between the two will give a move haphazard texture). Once you have obtained all over curls from temple to temple, take that larger section of hair, loosely pull back and anchor it down by making an X with two bobby pins. A look this versatile can be accompanied with any of the above mentioned looks, but if you want to have fun with your makeup, venture out and create a bright bold colorful eye. With a primer down first, use an electric shimmery yellow on the lid and a bold orange like Orange MAC Eyeshadow in the crease. Finish it off with your favorite eyeliner (I’d recommend a deep forest green) with a beautiful golden cheek and lip this is a look that is sure to turn some heads.

Akunna Okere

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Street Style: Real-World Fashion

We here at CherryOnTop pride ourselves on being at the cusp of cutting edge fashion, and where better to find it than on busy city streets, particularly the streets of NYC!! With our brand new ‘Street Style’ feature, we are putting the spotlight on everyday people who have the kind of style that others want to emulate. Whether you shop at that cool thrift shop in the East Village, T.J.Maxx, Bergdorf or Barneys, if you’ve got street style, then you just might be approached by our street style team, Tasia and Marcelo, to be featured here. Check out our first ‘Street Style’ profile below:

Name: Domo

Young fashion designer on the rise spotted in Union Square.
Watch: Jermey Scott for Swatch-limited edition watch collection debuted October 1.
Cross: Vintage store – Buffalo Exchange.
Harem Pants: A design from Domo’s Faded collection.

Describe your style. Unique, funky and bold.
Which celebrity most influences your fashion choices? No one.
Who is your favorite designer? Jermey Scott

Twitter: @Domozilla

CherryOnTop’s ‘Street Style’ team: Tasia Prince (Writer) Twitter: @RoyalTeaa
Marcelo Cantu (Photographer) Twitter: @MarceloCantu

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Celebrity Style Profile: Rooney Mara

Where Do You Know Her From: Before Rooney Mara became the new face of punk and edge, she was still very pretty yet average in appearance. She sported long brown hair and well, visible eyebrows, unlike her lead role as Lisbeth Salander in the hit movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In the movie, she has pitch black hair and an odd hair cut. To go along with it, she rocks tons of piercings, bleached eyebrows and not a hint of make up or color in her outfit. Not to mention, she was very stunning in her Nina Ricci gown at the Golden Globes Awards, which was also black, but oh so elegant.

What You Can Learn From Her: She is the dream heavy metal, kick butt girl that everyone in some way wants to be. Although it is not recommended you go all out and get the piercings and bleached eyebrows (because most of us can’t pull it off), what we can learn from Rooney’s style (or Lisbeth) is that it’s okay to TRY new things, clothing trends or even a hairstyle.

How You Can Successfully Channel Your Inner Punk: What you’ll need are black opaque tights, leather pants, combat boots, a leather jacket and…you should get the picture now. Think rebel and grunge; the look is ego-altering and dark with a dash of provocative. And no, you’re not trying to scare anybody with your look.

Ndidi Abili

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New Year, New Trends

In 2012, expect to see what you already see in fashion now, but with major twists.

Separate pieces with bold prints will bring the outfit together with neutral accessories to soften it. Be sure to set out your crisp and tailored suit for a sharp look. Intricate embellishments and soft hues will really bring out the inner elegant lady. Animal and tribal prints are additions to the vibrant pattern and textures look. Have fun with color, there will be alot of graphic art designs to choose from. Think pink as the soft and delicate side of pink will make a comeback in 2012. A cinched waist, full skirt and peplum will be a few of the many clothing styles we can expect to see in the new year.

Ndidi Abili

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10 Trends To Say Bye-Bye In 2011 Or Give Another Try In 2012

This year, we’ve had many fashion trends we’ve frowned upon and equally good ones that made you want to applaud the trendsetter who started it. Let’s take a look at the don’ts of 2011 and the do’s to bring with us into the New Year.

5 trends to leave behind in 2011

1. Feather hair attachments – Feathers are only flattering on a bird, and that is where they belong. This trend was much ‘cuter’ when it was a simple slim feather attachment, but now it has been taken over board with bigger much gaudier feathers and used on different accessories such as feathered earrings. Why someone would want a poor little birds behind on the side of their head beats me!
2. Sperry boat shoes – For quite some time, these little shoes replaced the penny loafers and oxfords. The muted and boring khaki colored shoe does not and will not compliment the feet.
3. Extreme fray – Extremely torn jeans are for high school students, and even then they should know better. If it’s a little skin you’re trying to show through your jeans, a hole on your knee will not bring the boys to the yard, it will just make you look a little immature.
4. Rompers – A summer trend that won’t reappear in 2012. If not worn right or in the right size, it will ‘hug’ the wrong things and make you look like your either wearing a diaper, or have a massive camel toe.
5. Jeggings – The denim jeans and leggings hybrid are too tight and are not charming. They are made to look like tight skinny jeans, but are uncomplimentary, and can send off the wrong message.

5 trends to give another try in 2012

1. Drop tail hems – The definition of drop-tail hem is when the back panel of the shirt/tunic/skirt/dress is longer than the front. Picture this…you see a mini dress over the knee, but turn it around, and it is long and sweeps the floor gracefully. This new trend has been only seen a few time,s but it is fun, flirty and adds to the definition of sexy.
2. Color blocking – This trend plays a colorful trick on the eye, and definitely adds pop in any outfit. Alongside the massive amount of mixed prints and textures seen throughout the year, this trend is one of many that should definitely make another show in 2012.
3. Accentuating the natural waist – Accentuation of the waist, the natural waist, which is the smallet part, shows off the best parts of your body and even makes you look smaller. A peplum dress, a mid-waist skirt or even high-waisted shorts and pumps will show off the curves you were born with and hide the ones you may have acquired over time.
4. Mixed prints – Digital print, animal print and paisley are a few of the many prints that have been seen tossed together and work well. A few prints and textures will add fun to an outfit, but just make sure they are the right kind.
5. Cut-outs – Unlike the cropped top, cut-outs are a little revealing and can be quite sophisticated when cut out in the right place.

Ndidi Abili

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